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You Simply Won't Believe How Much Better Your Mixes Will Become

If you're new to mixing or maybe you've been mixing for a while but just aren't getting the results you know you're capable of, chances are you're missing the most important stage of the mixing method.

Think of an artist with a canvas. Do they start off painting a portrait by working in the finest detail of the eyes or perfecting each hair on the head of the subject? Hell no!

They start by getting colour on the canvas and building a shape and a feel to the painting. This is the most exciting time to create and when the portrait springs to life. Details are great but it's this solid foundation, getting everything in the right place that makes or breaks the painting.

It's no different with building a mix and I'm going to show you, step by step how to utilise one plugin, the channel strip, to build that solid foundation to your mix.

Once you understand this method you simply won't believe how much better your mixes will become.

If you're looking for pro results, then start mixing like the pros and uncover the art, musicality and power of the channel strip in this complete, end to end audio mixing course

Hi, I'm Jonny Goode...

I'm a professional musician and I've been working from home and pro studios for over 25 years.

I teach musicians how to get the most out of their home studios, create awesome sounding music and build confidence in their skill set.

If you follow my channel on YouTube you may well know that I work from my home studio as a freelance producer and run a leading tribute band.

I've worked with hundreds of musicians over the years, both live and in the studio. It brings me great pleasure to share with others what I've learned along my journey and instil people with the skills to accelerate their knowledge base, build their confidence and reach their full potential.

I've been where you are right now and I know it can seem like such a challenge to start getting out there but applying my methods will see you on the fast track to success.



20+ In-Depth Video Tutorials

Course material builds into a Channel Strip Cheat Sheet Compendium

Further Learning PDF Tuition guides to accompany each tutorial.

Quizzes to help assist your learning

Individual track stems so you can mix along with your coach every step of the way.

Whether you're a beginner or you've been mixing for a few years, this course takes you along every step of the way providing you with a methodical, musical approach to mixing from your home studio.

Lifetime Access

Instant access to all course content for life. You'll also have access to any future content and updates Jonny adds to the course.



Channel Strip 101 will teach you how to:

  • gain stage your mix for optimal results
  • master the essential skills of the channel strip
  • maximise your workflow and mix with confidence
  • understand and use EQ and Compression effectively
  • discover the secret of analogue style saturation and how to apply it
  • successfully mix punchy drums and smooth bass guitar
  • learn how to balance guitars with tone in a mix
  • unlock the secrets of a great vocal mix and supportive backing vocals
  • learn a complete, musical approach to mixing like the pros

You Will:

  • discover a fresh, clear and concise approach to mixing your songs
  • increase your skill set and confidence
  • learn how to make better more informed mix choices and decisions
  • stop feeling stressed out by the mix process
  • feel satisfied by the end result of your mixing
  • no longer feel confused by eq , compression and saturation.
  • feel empowered to trust your ears and judgement
  • accelerate your learning and fast track your skills
  • no longer feel like you're guessing or in the dark
  • demystify the grey areas of your understanding



Musicians who've mixed some songs but want to get better results. If you want to up your skill set, knowledge and confidence, this course will help you get there.

Beginners new to mixing and production. You are new to mixing and producing from your home studio. This interactive step by step course with be a great match for beginners looking to increase their knowledge base and further their experience.

Home Studio Owners that yearn for better results. This course is specifically designed to help you expand your knowledge base, musicality, experience and most importantly results.

Solo Artists wanting to produce and mix their own material. You're dying to release your first EP or maybe your 2nd or 3rd single or album, but what you're hearing back isn't as good as you'd hoped. This course will get the results you're looking for.

Busy people! I get it. You're busy with family, work, friends and commitments and you'd love to find a course all in one place that you can work with at your own pace.

Do you really understand EQ and Compression?

Course Builds into a Cheat Sheet PDF Compendium

As you work through the course you'll build up a collection of channel strip cheat sheets which form a complete reference compendium. Print it off to create a quick and easy guide for future mixes or drop it on your desk top for that next creation.

Mix Along with the Featured FREE Plugin

This course works with FREE plugin Frank CS from developer Analog Obsession. Featuring a 3 band EQ. high and low pass filters. compression and pre amp saturation, this channel strip comprises of everything you need to build a solid mix foundation.

Mix Interactively with Supplied Track Stems

All track stems are provided with the course enabling you to mix interactively along with me through every stage of the mix .

What's Inside the Course?

  Let's Get Started
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days after you enroll
  Building a Solid Mix Foundation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Drum Elements
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All About That Bass
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Midi Instruments
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mix Review
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Content - After The Channel Strip
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Final Thoughts
Available in days
days after you enroll

What Students Are Saying...

"I was not good at recording or mixing acoustic guitars a few years ago. My vocals were too loud and too close. Now I really think about which mic, preamp, recording setting gain staging etc. go into the decision for the song." Joe M

"Step by step, what to do with your mix and what not to do! Not only that but he explains why you're making the decisions. If you want a professional sounding mix, I totally recommend his course." Breno V

""Love your style of teaching"


You'll receive keys to the Real Home Studio Community

Once enrolled in Channel Strip 101 you can join the Real Home Studio community. A place where you'll meet like minded music producers and can share your mixes, progress, questions and feedback.

It's a closed community meaning you can share safely unlike on social media and a great place to feel connected whilst learning, developing and sharing your skills and experiences.

So How Much Does The Course Cost?

Well, Channel Strip 101 course is valued at £499…

… which compared to how much going to audio college or having private tuition would be, it's a bargain!

And compared to the energy, time, and hours of agonising problem solving you'd endure working things out for yourself, it's priceless!

But most importantly - by the end of the course you’ll be able to mix your music to sound professional and polished, confident in your knowledge base and skills.

But because I've been where you are right now I want to offer you this course at a special offer price

NOT for £499 (which for over 20 video tutorials is a reasonable price)

You won’t even pay close to half of that! (£249)

Right now, on this page and this page only…

You can get Channel Strip 101 for just one Small Payment of Just £99.

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